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Profit and Growth Support

This Service provides business and profit growth by working with your company and staff. If you wish to grow your company, access finance, increase profits from your existing activities or simply reduce the stress of running your own business then we can help.

We can:

  • Provide Bespoke solutions to identify your most attractive products and markets, both existing and new, and identify what you must get right to be successful in those markets
  • Provide focused business plans designed for a whole business approach and to deliver long term success in your most attractive markets. These plans will deliver flexible rolling strategies and actions designed to make your business agile and reactive to changing market conditions and to calculate the cost benefit of those actions.
  • Grow your profits by focusing on value added activities
  • Create focused sales and marketing plans with costs and timelines
  • Change the culture in your business to incorporate a team and common goals approach
  • Define and isolate problems within the business and provide practical, cost effective solutions
  • Redefine sales to focus activities on the profit generating products and services the business provides.
  • Pinpointing how your company fits the business environment. How do you stack up against your competition especially in the Critical Success Factor areas? How do you take their market share?


I would whole heartedly recommend the services of Sean Farrell of Strategic Business Actions Limited and Hammond McNulty LLP. The service they offer produces results using a tried and trusted approach that leads to improved performance and hence satisfaction. Their strategic actions were designed to make our business agile and reactive to changing markets which is critical for success. I’m happy to recommend their services.

— Stephen Burrows, Director

Minerals Marketing Limited


Sean Farrell, has always been able offer positive, well-structured business advice. He sees the bigger picture where sometimes it’s hard to see when concentrating on the day to day running of a fast-growing business and the issues associated with that. Sean is always willing to help with friendly direction and will always have your best interests at heart.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to support and advise your business.

Katherine Moore, Director | Company Secretary



I have had the pleasure of working with Sean for over several years, focusing on strategy and sales policies. Not only has his input been invaluable but it’s been his enthusiasm and drive that has helped Langford Direct Ltd successfully launch 4 unique brands in 3 years. Sean has provided bespoke solutions to identify our most attractive products and markets and recognise and action what we must get right to be successful in those markets. He has created focused sales and marketing plans with costs and timelines, defined and isolated problems within the business and provided practical, cost effective solutions.

I strongly recommend you involve Sean in your company ASAP.

Wayne Langford, Director



Dear Sean

Thank you so much for all your highly valued help and guidance during the start-up phase of our new business. Thanks to your knowledge and honest opinions you have given us a targeted direction and also the confidence to move things forward, we look forward to working closely with you as we gain momentum.

Director, Dean Beckett


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