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Autumn Statement 2023

Posted 23/11/2023 On 22 November 2023, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his Autumn Statement to Parliament. Please find below a summary of the main items announced in the Chancellors speech, but also some of the other items that were not mentioned that may impact you.   Please note that ‘tax years’ run to 5 April each…Read More

HMRC Overlap relief form – Unincorporated businesses

Posted 13/09/2023 Businesses that are sole traders, partners of trading partnerships, and members of LLPs who pay income tax on the profits of their businesses are subject to the new basis period method of taxation. For tax year 2024/25, business owners will be subject to a tax year basis of taxation. This means that they…Read More

Action Fraud warns of remote access scams

Posted 12/09/2023 Action Fraud is the national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. It collects reports about fraud on behalf of the police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Action Fraud has received over 30 crime reports since June 2023 relating to remote access scams targeting businesses, with victims reporting losses totalling over £3.8 million.…Read More

The importance of a shareholders agreement

Posted 30/08/2023 For limited companies, when it comes to making decisions, Company Law states shareholders who own more than 50% can pass a motion at a company meeting regardless of the views of other shareholders. Also, if a shareholder(s) owns 75% or more of the shares, they control the company outright and can veto the…Read More

Check what your tax code means

HMRC have released a new online tool to help taxpayers understand what their tax code means. Tax codes are used by HMRC to tell an employer how much income tax to withhold through the “Pay as you earn” (PAYE) system. A person’s tax code can change from time to time, based on their personal circumstances.…Read More

Do you need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return this year?

Posted 18/08/2023 If you have had a change in circumstances, you might need to complete your first Self-Assessment tax return for the 2022 to 2023 tax year. You may need to complete a tax return if you: You can use the free online checking tool on GOV.UK and register with HMRC by 5 October if you…Read More

Additional information required for Research & Development (R&D) claims

Posted 14/08/2023 The latest Finance Act includes two changes that will affect all R&D claims: When a limited company intends to make a claim for research and development (R&D) tax relief, from 8 August 2023 onwards it will need to provide detailed information to HMRC in advance. You will need to set out details of…Read More

The Advantages of Setting up a Personal Tax Account

Posted 26/06/2023 If you have needed to contact HMRC by phone for personal information or to ask them to make changes, you may have either been on hold for a very long time or not be able to get through at all. If you have set up a personal tax account, you may be able…Read More

Steering clear of tax avoidance schemes

Posted 20/06/2023 HMRC is reminding contractors and agency workers that they publish details of tax avoidance schemes and their promoters to help customers steer clear of or exit them. They began publishing information about tax avoidance schemes in April 2022 and the list now contains the details of over 35 schemes. The list is continuously…Read More

Deadline for voluntary National Insurance contributions extended to April 2025

Posted 14/06/2023 Taxpayers now have until 5 April 2025 to fill gaps in their National Insurance record from April 2006 that may increase their State Pension – an extension of nearly two years – the government have recently announced. Extending the voluntary National Insurance contributions deadline until 2025 means that people have more time to…Read More

Self-Assessment Threshold Change

Posted 13/06/2023 From tax year 2023 to 2024 onwards, the Self-Assessment threshold for taxpayers taxed through PAYE only will change from £100,000 to £150,000.    Affected individuals do not need to do anything now as the Self-Assessment threshold for 2022/23 tax returns remains at £100,000.   The individual will receive a Self-Assessment exit letter if they submit…Read More

National Minimum Wage 2023 rate reminder for employers: Summer Staff

Posted 06/06/2023 All workers are legally entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW). This includes temporary seasonal staff, who often work short-term contracts in bars, hotels, shops, and warehouses over the summer. The National Minimum Wage hourly rates from 1 April 2023 are: For full Government Guidance, please see For further updates,…Read More

Taxpayers given more time for voluntary National Insurance contributions

Posted 20/03/2023 The UK government has extended the voluntary National Insurance deadline to 31 July 2023 to give taxpayers more time to fill gaps in their National Insurance record and help increase the amount they receive in State Pension. This comes after members of the public voiced concern over the previous deadline of 5 April…Read More

Spring Budget 2023

Posted 16/03/2023 On 15 March 2023, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his first Budget to Parliament and set out a plan to reduce inflation, grow the economy and get government debt falling all whilst avoiding a recession and tackling labour shortages. Below we set out some of the main points. COST OF LIVING SUPPORT Energy Costs…Read More

Less than 6 weeks left to boost your state pension

Posted 03/03/2023 As covered in the pension special programme by Martin Lewis, if you are aged under 70 you have just weeks left to potentially boost your state pension. The basics are as follows: How to check if you are missing national insurance years: If you have a shortfall, you can buy more years, but…Read More

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