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Further Guidance on the Extended Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Has Been Released

Posted 14/06/2020

The guidance includes:

  • Changes to the scheme and key dates that you need to be aware of
  • How you can claim if you bring previously furloughed employees back to work part-time from 1‌‌ July (known as flexible furloughing) and how many employees you can claim for in any one claim
  • How to claim, and the information you’ll need to do so
  • How to work out how much you can claim, including an online calculator to help you
  • More information on amending your claim.

What you need to do now

What you need to do from July

  • Start your flexible furloughing of employees from 1‌‌ July onwards. You will pay their wages for the time they are in work and can apply for a job retention scheme grant to cover any of their usual hours they are furloughed for. You can still keep employees on full furlough if you need to
  • Claim for periods ending on or before 30‌‌ June, by 31‌‌ J‌ul‌y – this is the last date you can make those claims
  • Claim for further furlough periods as needed – the first time you will be able to make a claim for days in July will be 1‌‌ July.

For full Government Guidance please see

The following document also provides a very clear summarised table showing the changes to the scheme on a month by month basis

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