Accounting and Audit

Traditionally this area has been the bedrock of our service as accountants, and involves the systematic preparation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements.
Many organisations have seen this type of service as a bureaucratic burden. At Hammond McNulty we focus on the important issues by understanding your business thoroughly in the first place. This means that we can think creatively, offer new ideas and try to approach problems in fresh ways.

Our aim is to turn the burden around, and use the audit or accounting assignment as an opportunity to provide valuable advice and assistance on our clients' financial affairs.
Our techniques often highlight areas where efficiency improvements can be made and costs reduced, adding to the profitability of the business. The responsibilities and regulations placed on us mean that the quality of our work is constantly under review and is therefore of the highest standard.

As an organisation we feel it necessary to move from score-keeper to coach. The information we gather, as part of our audit and accounting assignments is by its nature historical. Whilst this historical information has its merits, we advocate foresight and vision - to keep on top of your game. This can only be gained from regular and up-to-date management information systems. To that end we offer a complete management accounting service where we can prepare and analyse your performance.
Alternatively we will recommend suitable accounting software packages and train your team to fully utilise such systems.

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