Bookkeeping and VAT

The regular and accurate recording of accounting transactions provides the foundation on which accounts and taxation are based.  If recorded correctly, it can save time and money, as well as providing up to the minute financial information on which decisions may be made.  

At Hammond McNulty, we know that your time could be utilised more efficiently managing your business.

To help you to do this, we offer a comprehensive bookkeeping service to ease the pressure.  You can be confident that when you drop off your books, they will be efficiently and accurately prepared, by experienced staff who will meet your needs.

At Hammond McNulty, we know that business managers are not VAT specialists.

VAT legislation is a potential minefield.  It changes regularly, and non compliance with legislation may leave your business open to investigations, severe penalties and interest. The team at Hammond McNulty has years of training and experience that allow them to deal with your VAT returns and queries, removing this onerous responsibility and leaving you confident that your business is meeting it’s VAT obligations.

At Hammond McNulty, we know that your business needs may change, so we evolve our services to revolve around you.

As your business grows, we can offer you more help and advice when you need it.  You can also be assured that all of our services are integrated, so you will be able to contact one team member with any questions you might have.  The work that we perform on your VAT and bookkeeping is done with year end accounts in mind, ensuring they can be prepared promptly and efficiently.  If you need management accounts, these can usually be prepared from our records quickly, ensuring the timely information they hold is best utilised.

At Hammond McNulty, we offer the following services:

  • Manual and computerised bookkeeping from invoices and bank records
  • One off bookkeeping and VAT reviews
  • ‘E-mail and check’ facility, whereby you can email your sage records to our office for us to check and amend your VAT return and records before you send it out.
  • Help and advice on VAT registration
  • Help with filling in VAT questionnaires
  • Manual and computerised VAT return preparation
  • Specialist advice on VAT issues such as: 
  • VAT Schemes
  • EC sales lists
  • Partial exemption for property and financial services
  • VAT planning

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